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Aylesbury Escargots is a modern and diverse farm, based at the foot of the Chiltern Hills. The business is family owned by Michael and Sophie Wharton and run by carefully selected staff, who are all passionate about our business. We are all completely 'bonkers' about our snails - and yes they do have names, although not all. As well as having a passionate team of staff we have the most passionate team of snails - laying to demand so we can supply the finest fresh Escargot and Escargots Pearls -Snail Caviar supplying to the hospitality industry.

We produce snail Caviar known as 'Escargot Pearls' are absolutely beautiful, not only visually - they have a wonderful delicate flavour, almost creamy, they gives off woody, Fern and mineral tones all brought to you in a burst on the palate. To see more about the caviar - Join us.

We also produce Free Range Escargots these are tender and succulent and will rid any thoughts or memories you may have of them being tough and rubbery and overpowered by the taste of garlic. Have a peep at our Free Range Farm. The snails have a wonderful earthy, mushroomy flavour and should not need to be disguised with any other flavour. Grown, harvested and prepared correctly they have the power to stand alone and are a food that is very underestimated - not only for it's taste and texture but also it's nutritional qualities.

To place an order or just make and an inquiry you can e-mail us at:

You can phone us on 01296 482585 or 07525 416994 and leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as one of our team collects the orders - responding usually within 2 hours throughout the day.

Please note: Any orders left after 6pm will be confirmed the following morning.



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