Thank you for visiting Aylesbury Escargots

I guess you are here looking to either buy snails or caviar or may wish to learn to Snail Farm.

We apologise for any disappointment but due to my health I am sorry to say both Mike and I have taken a step down and are no longer either growing snails or harvesting caviar, so are therefore unable to take orders to supply.

For any of you who have spoken to either of us you will know it was never our intention to snail farm and we kind of got rolled into it - and then hooked! (It certainly wasn't the most ideal career for me with dodgy legs) however the passion grew and grew as did the determination to know the ins and outs and find the best way possible to farm in this country.

We perfected our growing techniques and can confidently say we have a system that works for commercial farming free range.

We have also worked tirelessly on achieving a way to grow, harvest and finally process the caviar. This proved to be one of our most challenging tasks - to gain a long shelf life without altering the flavour and texture…………………………. We finally achieved this and now can say we have the long shelf life we were looking for.

Over the past couple of years we have worked on "Project George" - We have designed and built a machine to commercially take serum from snails, which is now ready to rock and roll!

We still have a big passion for snails and of course so much knowledge and there is always the possibility of continuing our work with the assistance of snail or caviar growers.

We would like to thank everyone who has had an involvement with our business, especially our chefs who are such an awesome bunch and supported us in developing not only the business but also our products.

Finally the "media", a huge thank you to BBC, Channel 4, ITV, The Telegraph, The Times - the list goes on…. We have done so much filming and had countless articles in magazines, books and newspapers, and online articles across the world. We are so grateful for all your interest and support.


So what's next……………………
Rest for me, recovery time, and time for Mike to be Mike/Husband and Grandad! And not my forever other pair of hands and legs, bailing me out with everything I was unable to do!

Then…………. Well let's wait and see, the "George Project" is going to sleep for a short time until I decide if there is a way I can bring this to fruition without impacting on my health and Mikes sanity.

The Caviar…............................May be in the future we will process for other farms.

Kind regards to all
Sophie and Mike